The strategy of the whole campaign

  1. First landing page where visitor reviews the 5$ product :
  2. Second is the payment page where visitor becomes a buyer and a subscriber to our lists. Here the forms that we use are the Fluent Forms Pro and the subscription system used is the Fluent CRM connected with Sendgrid so that we can send and deliver messages normally :
  3. Third and very important step is to lead to a registration page so that our buyer and subscriber to register his/her account. This registration page has to do with Wishlist Member and is focused to a particular level. The first and basic level to enter the FAS, wich is :
  4. Fourth the redirect qoes to the dashboard of the product so that we can add bonuses for the next days :
  5. Fifth We arrange the funnel so that the buyer gets all our messages and accept our bonuses.
  6. The next move to affiliate level is to send a new landing page with a new program / product wich we support and want to sell :